Student Internships

Real industry experience

Master of Business Analytics students complete a 5-week full-time industry internship solving real business problems and exposing students and the hosts to recruitment opportunities. Companies that have hosted students include:


Master of Business Analytics Internship Stories

A main focus of the Masters of Business Analytics program is a five week industry-based practicum, where students work with a company on a real business problem. Through this, students apply their analytical knowledge in a real business environment, as well as build industry networks and career connections.

Forethought Research

Master of Business Analytics Internship, 2015

The MBusA students were tasked with the design of a decision support tool to provide the ability to make fast informed decisions on the back of various pieces of analyses.

Through working with analytics team members, the students wrote R code to interactively filter and summarise data sets upon input from a user interface.

By the end of the practicum, students developed a software tool that allowed the user to interactively discover the value of key business metrics for different areas of the business.

A.T. Kearney

Master of Business Analytics Internship, 2015

The students analysed 30GB of data to evaluate and accelerate digital effectiveness for a financial services company. They focused on conducting a conjoint study on user preference and prediction of market shares. An implementation workshop was organised by the MBusA students at the conclusion of the internship.

Carlton United Brewery (SAB Miller International)

Master of Business Analytics Internship, 2015

Students assisted in setting optimal prices and promotional strategies to maximize revenue for key products using consumer transactional data and consumer survey data.

Through this, the students were able to create four deliverables that allowed easier visualisation and more rigorous analysis of data. In addition, they built a model which approximated the cross elasticity between competing products.


Master of Business Analytics Internship, 2015

The students were assigned to Telstra to support the company’s goal of increasing sales of its new value-added products. At the time of the internship, Telstra customers were “reactively” targeted for sales of this product by sales agents and call centre.

Through working with Telstra’s customer analytics team and product stakeholders, the students wrote SQL to extract and profile user data to uncover features for best targeting customers.

An operational predictive model was built that scored and ranked customer propensity to purchase Telstra’s value added product based on the given features.

Overall, this project generated deep insights through profiling existing customer base on demographics, product holdings and purchase preferences, channel preference and service interaction history.