2018 Melbourne Business Analytics Datathon

The Melbourne Business School’s 2nd annual ‘Business Analytics Datathon’ with $25,000 prize money was held on Saturday 7 July at Melbourne Business School.

The aim of the competition was to showcase how advanced analytics can ‘transform decision making’. Teams were to apply advanced analytics to any, some or all of the data sets provided to derive insights and make recommendations to the Victorian Government and/or companies which demonstrate how data can transform decision making and lead to positive outcomes for Victorians.

To win the day, each team had to analyse major private and public sector data sets from NAB, Victorian Government, Medibank, Qantas, Roy Morgan, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Datathon was aimed at both corporate and student teams with not only advanced analytics and data science capabilities, but the ability to generate and communicate insight to ‘transform decision making’. On the day, more than 250 competitors in 50 teams battled it out at Melbourne Business School to come up with creative solutions to health challenges using the government and corporate data for a chance at the $25,000 prize money.

The seven Datathon finalist teams pitched their solutions at the finale of MBS’s ‘Melbourne Business Analytics Conference’ on Thursday 19 July in front of ~400 Australian senior executives and demonstrated what is truly possible through advanced analytics to solve a real problem that could impact on the lives of all Australians.

Finalist presentations and award ceremony:

Winning teams:

Winner - "Team Suncorp"

Using advanced analytics to improve targeting of Mental Health programs those Victorians in need 

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Team members: Will Bian, Adam Newfield, Darren Pook, Raj Vijayaraghavan, Wesley Wang and Kore Wong


Runners-up - "Team Liberty"

Using machine learning to assess orthopaedic risk

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Team members: Emil Andonov, Ed Barker, Jill McNamara, Jonathon Sia, Wes Sissing and Gaz Vangeli

Third place - "EY Data and Analytics"

Tech savviness negatively impacts mental health

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Team members: Preet Kohli, Gwen Low, Bonnie Roche and Shin Tan

Top student team - "The Gang"

Machine learning id’ed mental health factors

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Team members: Ahmad Asgharian Rezaei, Milad Chenaghlou, Li Li and Andisheh Partovi

Photo gallery - 2018 Melbourne Business Analytics Datathon

Click here to see photos of the finalist presentations at the Melbourne Business Analytics Conference