Google Analytics/BigQuery workshop - Douglas Abdiel

Google Analytics/BigQuery workshop

On Thursday 22 March 2018, Douglas Abdiel, Head of Asia-Pacific Google Marketing Platform Partnerships, delivered a Google Analytics/BigQuery workshop at Melbourne Business School.

The workshop began with a presentation on Google's infrastructure and a brief overview of relational databases, followed by a practical exercise for creating a project, uploading data, analysing and extracting data, and performing basic statistical analysis. The workshop concluded with a discussion on Google's Cloud Datalab which hosts a virtual machine that can automatically deploy a virtual machine and integrate Big Query, and user-specific questions regarding additional tools used/provided by Google for data storage/analysis.


The workshop presenter is Douglas Abdiel who works for Google Analytics 360 support for the Asia Pacific region, providing technical assistance to the largest publishers and advertisers in this region. His role involves creating measurement plans for businesses, and ensuring that infrastructure is properly working for collecting and analysing the data required for their business needs.